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Arrested for Public Intoxication? What Does This Mean for Your Job?

By Michael Guisti on November 28, 2016

Imagine this scenario. You and your friends go out one evening to a party, bar, or nightclub. You drink a little bit too much and stumble out into the parking lot where you start causing a scene that is obstructing and dangerous to others around you. The police are called and you are subsequently arrested and charged with public intoxication.

These situations happen every day to people who do not responsibly drink and their actions then cause the above consequences. When it comes to looking for a job or currently having a job, the question then remains if a public intoxication charge will affect one’s employment.Let’s first look at the effect it may have on your chances of obtaining employment. Because drunk in public charges are misdemeanors in the state of California, they may or may not show up on a background check run by your potential employer. It all depends on how extensive a check they conduct.

Additionally, even if it were to appear on your background check, the circumstances of it could also be taken into consideration. Felonies are typically more damaging when it comes to applying for jobs, so if it was a one-time misdemeanor when you were younger and got too drunk in public, your employer may not be as harsh. However, if there are numerous offenses for the same charge, some even recently, then it is up to the employer’s discretion whether they want to hire you or not.

If you are currently employed and are charged with public intoxication and are concerned that this may jeopardize your job status, it is hard to say definitively how your boss may react. For example, if your actions reflected negatively on the company or caused a bad image as a result of your public drunkenness, then perhaps your boss may have grounds to fire you. A good strategy would be to check the terms of your employment or your employee handbook and see if there is anything written about misdemeanors, and whether these can constitute termination of one’s employment.

In the event that you receive a charge for being drunk in public and are concerned how this will ultimately affect your potential job, current employment, and future career, you should seek legal help from an experienced public intoxication defense attorney from the Law Office of Michael L. Guisti for help with your case. You may even be able to have this charge expunged from your record. Give us a call today and we will review your case, and advise you on what can be done surrounding your Orange County public intoxication charge. We can be reached at (714) 530-9690 or Toll Free (888) 478-8999.

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