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Theft Crimes | Orange County Criminal Defense Blog

Former Garden Grove Woman Avoids Seven-Year Sentence

By Michael Guisti on April 9, 2018

crime-handcuffs_412951If you’ve made a mistake and committed a crime, all is not lost. Humans make mistakes, and our California legal system has provisions that give a person a second chance. There may still be consequences, but they will probably be less severe if you have an experienced legal advocate on your side.

Take the case of a woman who formerly served as president of Garden Grove Little League. Read the rest »

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Petty Theft: How Penalties Can Increase

By Michael Guisti on July 7, 2017

handcuffsAs you may know, California differentiates theft into two categories: petty and grand. Petty theft is usually theft of property under $950 (with specific exceptions to this rule) and grand usually refers to theft over $950.

Petty theft may sound small, but the consequences are not. In fact, there are different scenarios when the penalties are increased. Let’s take a look at different California codes and how they punish petty theft violations. Read the rest »

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’Tis the California Shoplifting Season

By Michael Guisti on December 20, 2015

ShopliftingIt’s that time of year again. Friends and family are descending upon local shopping centers to get the best deals and terrorize the seasonal hires. It also when the same department and big box stores ramp up their security in hopes of nabbing would be thieves. Yes, it’s shoplifting season again, and you’d better watch out. Otherwise you might be taking a sleigh ride down to the police station. Read the rest »

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Stealing Presents at Christmas Time? Humbug!

By Michael Guisti on December 13, 2015

TheftIt’s that time of year again. When bargain hunters hit the streets searching for that perfect discount. While these eagle-eyed shoppers are active throughout the year, post-Black Friday deals are their time to shine. No, we’re not talking about your coupon-cutting grandmother or your fanatical aunt who camps out for the latest holiday item. We’re talking about porch pirates, thieves who exploit a weakness in the delivery process. Those people who wait for the UPS man to drop your package off, and then apply the five-finger discount, walking away with whatever you just had delivered.   Read the rest »

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Stealing From Your Employer is a Crime

By Michael Guisti on September 13, 2015

Theft ShopliftingIt’s probably safe to say that at some point or another, we have all taken something from our job. Nothing major of course. We’re not talking about full-fledged embezzlement or corporate espionage here. No, we’re talking about the items that are almost always tied to the phrase – “Who will notice it is missing?” Think along the lines of a stapler or a box of pens, maybe even a few bucks from the petty cash box located in the boss’s desk drawer. Naturally, there are those among us who wouldn’t even think about treading along that slippery slope, but many people – including your own co-workers, friends and family – are currently stealing from their employer. Read the rest »

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Grand Theft – By The Numbers

By Michael Guisti on August 22, 2015

TheftHere’s a scene you might be familiar with: you’ve just exited the grocery store and you are heading home for dinner with the family. In the rush to get out of the parking lot you back into a cement barrier next to your car, scraping up the bumper and potentially denting the body of your car. Great. Now what? You weigh all the options and ultimately decide you’ll contact your insurance company and report the damage as a hit and run. Who’s going to know the difference? You’ve even gone so far as to look for any cameras lurking around the area in which you parked – all clear. So you make the call and report the damage to your insurance agent. After all, you pay a lot of money for your insurance, why no use it when you need it? Read the rest »

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New Evidence Against Tutor Charged with Burglary in Newport Beach Cheating Scandal

By Michael Guisti on January 14, 2015

Newport Beach, CA — You wouldn’t necessarily think that a cheating scandal at a high school would lead to criminal charges being filed. However, over the past year local news outlets have been reporting on the fraud and burglary case against tutor Timothy Lance Lai, 29, who has been accused of taking illegal measures to help students at Corona del Mar High School break into the school’s grading system and alter their grades.

The case first came to light in the summer of 2013 when a teacher discovered that someone had changed several students’ grades in the computer system. Over the course of the investigation, Lai as reportedly named as having a part in the scheme by students who were interviewed by school administrators.

Read the rest »

Stockton Man Accused of Robbing Bank Branch to Be Arraigned Monday

By Michael Guisti on July 19, 2014

Stockton, CA – An important distinction in our legal system is that between belief and proof. While prosecutors and law enforcement officers may believe that a certain individual or group is responsible for several crimes or is guilty of the most severe charges, they are forced to limit the charges they file against a defendant to what they think the evidence proves. Of course, the defendant also has the right to legal representation so that they can adequately defend themselves against criminal allegations.

On Monday, an alleged bank robber is due to be arraigned at the San Joaquin County courthouse. Jaime Ramos, 19, was arrested after a deadly shootout between three men who had taken hostages during a bank robbery in Stockton on Wednesday and police officers. Two of the robbery suspects were killed as was one of the hostages, Misty Jean Holt-Singh, whom Ramos had allegedly used as a human shield.

Read the rest »

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Orange County Theft Attorney Michael L. Guisti Talks About Stealing from Your Employer

By Michael Guisti on April 9, 2013

Orange County theft crime attorney Michael L. Guisti talks about theft crimes related to stealing from an employer and what the consequences could be.

Read the rest »

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