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Arrested After a Drunk Driving Accident with Injuries

If you have been arrested and accused of injuring another person while driving under the influence, you are likely to face charges of DUI with injury. Depending on the circumstances, you could be facing very serious felony or misdemeanor charges. Call Michael Guisti, an experienced and successful Orange County DUI lawyer, at (888) 478-8999 NOW for a FREE consultation. Michael can answer your questions and help you defend your rights. Facing the risk of a conviction, two primary factors will determine the outcome of your case: the evidence applied by prosecution and the strength of your defense.

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To Reach a Conviction, Prosecution Must Prove the Following:

  • You were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • You were operating your vehicle in an illegal or negligent manner
  • You injured another person as a result of this activity

Most importantly, prosecution must also provide evidence to demonstrate that you were, in fact, intoxicated at the time of the accident. If this cannot be established and the accident cannot be tied to your negligence, you will not be convicted of DUI with injury. Our firm fights tooth and nail to defend clients against difficult charges. Let an Orange County felony DUI attorney from Law Office of Michael L. Guisti fight your charges and help you seek the best possible outcome for your situation.

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Fighting the Charge of DUI with Injury in OC

In addition to proving you had less than a 0.08% BAC, we can work with accident reconstruction experts who can independently evaluate whether the accident that caused the injury was truly your fault. There are many variables that can cause an accident that have nothing to do with your BAC. After all, if you were rear-ended by a reckless driver who became hurt, the police might charge you, even though the accident was clearly not your fault.

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What If I'm Convicted?

The punishment for causing injury while driving under the influence will be determined based on various factors such as the specifics of your case and your recent criminal history. If this is your first DUI in the last 10 years, you are likely to face the least possible consequences for the offense. If you have already been convicted of drinking and driving at least once during this lookback period, you will face much tougher penalties. A third DUI with injury will be charged as a felony.

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Potential Charges and Penalties Include:

Misdemeanor DUI with Injury
If convicted, you may face informal probation for 3 to 5 years; up to 1 year in county jail; anywhere from $390 to $5,000 in fines; a 3, 9, 18, or 30 month alcohol or drug education program; license suspension lasting 1 to 3 years; and restitution payments given to any parties were injured as a result of the offense.

Felony DUI with Injury
If convicted, you may face 2 to 4 years in prison, 3 to 6 more years for causing a victim serious bodily injury, and/or 1 additional year per victim who sustained an injury, totaling up to 3 years; a strike on your record under California's Three Strikes Law for causing great bodily injury; fines and fees totaling $1,015 to $5,000; 18 to 30 months in a court-approved DUI school; designation as a habitual traffic offender for 3 years; and loss of your license for 5 years.

Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated
This wobbler is charged for negligent driving that either led to death or is likely to lead to death. Penalties range from a year in jail to four years in prison, in addition to other consequences.

Felony Hit and Run Involving Injury or Death
If, while intoxicated, you cause an accident resulting in injury or death and fail to stop, you could face misdemeanor or felony charges. Depending on the charge, conviction can result in as much as $10,000 in fines and 4 years in prison.

Child Endangerment
If you were driving with a child in your vehicle while intoxicated, you could be charged with a felony for posing the risk of serious injury to the child. This felony yields consequences including 2 to 6 years in prison.

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Don't Face Your Charges Alone! Contact Our OC DUI with Injury Attorneys

As you have read, you are facing serious charges. If you choose our Orange County DUI lawyer to represent you, you can rest assured that we will handle your case in the best possible way to reduce your criminal charges even see your case dismissed. Law Office of Michael L. Guisti can thoroughly investigate the police officer's actions, examine evidence concerning your BAC, and bring in accident investigators. Request a free consultation or call our attorney at (714) 530-9690 for more information!

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Additional Information

Whether you're facing a felony or a misdemeanor, don't risk a conviction. Act quickly to redeem your reputation and protect your record by consulting with our Orange County criminal defense lawyer. Call today to schedule your free consultation.

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Payment options available:

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“It was strongly recommended that I call federal defense attorney Michael L. Guisti. He had several investigators look at records and such, and my federal case was dismissed. Michael Guisti does what few attorneys can do, beat the federal government, and that is why if you’re in trouble with the government you need to call Michael Guisti right away!”

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“I had everything to lose, my future, my education. Basically I did something that got me a misdemeanor, and the judge wanted to give a guilty plea. But Michael Guisti would not back down. Instead he fought for me, and now my record is clean.”

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“Back in 2003 I was facing attempted murder. My family hired Michael Guisti to represent me. He is a very good attorney. He always answered my calls, addressed my questions and concerns, and kept me updated about my case. Thank you Michael Guisti for winning my case. I highly recommend anyone facing a criminal charge to see Michael Guisti.”

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Case Results

sex crimes

Case Dropped

Young man charged and arrested for sexual battery.


Case Dropped

Man charged with assault with a deadly weapon for hitting someone in the face with a heavy metal dust pan.

drug crimes

Served Less Than 30 Days in Jail

Young man charged with selling 1000 tabs of ecstasy to undercover officer.

Attempted Murder

Reduced to Assault With Deadly Weapon

Young man knocks the eye out his victim with a metal pipe. Charged with attempted murder and aggravated mayhem. Both cases carried life sentences.

Assault & Battery

Serves 80 Days on Work Furlough

Woman arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon using scissors on a co-worker.

Vehicular Assault

Serves 80 Days on Work Furlough

Man charged with three felony counts of vehicular assault with a deadly weapon.


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