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White Collar Crimes | Orange County Criminal Defense Blog

5 Ways That You Can Be a Victim of Wire Fraud

By Michael Guisti on June 21, 2017

creditWith the growth of new technology, criminals have found new ways to take advantage of us. It seems like every month there is another scheme your friend and coworkers are warning you about. From emails to Facebook posts, we have never been more susceptible to wire fraud.

So how can you help prevent wire fraud? Well, the first step is understanding how fraud can occur. Once you understand these criminal techniques, you can identify (and prevent) fraud. Read the rest »

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Orange County White Collar Crimes – Embezzlement

By Michael Guisti on March 8, 2016

Orange County is no stranger to white-collar crime. Whether we’re taking about mail fraud, bribery, or computer crimes, the O.C. experiences more than its fair share of financial malfeasance. But, if you’ve been accused of committing a white-collar crime, the Law Office of Michael L. Guisti can help. We’re a dedicated criminal defense firm that will use every resource and every angle to defend your interests. In this post, we’re going to explore embezzlement – what it is, where we see it most often, and what it can mean for your future. Read the rest »

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Buyer Beware – You May be Committing Credit Card Fraud

By Michael Guisti on August 1, 2015

Credit CardBlack Friday 2015 may be a bit more hectic than usual due to a new system of credit checks scheduled to roll out over the next few weeks. The system – known as Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) – is designed to ward off credit fraud by installing mini-microprocessors into every credit card. Whenever the card is used it releases a unique code to the credit company in question, giving it a truly formidable encryption.

Read the rest »

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Three Essential Check Fraud Defenses You Should Know

By Michael Guisti on July 27, 2015

When it comes to check fraud there are a number of defensive strategies available to you and your legal team. Remember, it is the court system’s responsibility to prove that you are guilty of check fraud beyond a reasonable doubt, while it is your attorney’s job to help the court system recognize the reasonable doubt present in your case. Plain and simple, doubt can prevent a conviction. So when it comes to your own defense and establishing doubt, consider the following: Read the rest »

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I’ve Been Accused of Check Fraud. What Should I Do First?

By Michael Guisti on July 18, 2015

If you’ve been accused of check fraud, you’ll want to retain legal representation as soon as possible. This will ensure that every detail of your case is properly examined and that the charges being brought against you are fought every step of the way. Regardless of whether or not you may actually be guilty of the crime, hire an Orange County white collar crime attorney. Remember, innocent people are convicted every day of crimes they didn’t actually commit, and a criminal defense attorney is the only one suited to effectively represent your interests in a court of law. And above all, do not say anything unless your attorney advises you to do so. Everything you say CAN be used against you. Read the rest »

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Board Members of Southern California Vietnamese student organization let go after embezzlement investigation

By Michael Guisti on May 5, 2015

Garden Grove, CA — Following a lengthy internal investigation, a local Vietnamese student association has let two of its senior officers go and reported $118,000 in embezzlement to the Garden Grove Police Department.

According to the Union of the Vietnamese Student Associations, which sponsored this year’s Tet celebration in Costa Mesa, now former President Nina Tran and Treasurer Helen Nguyen were removed from the non-profit group’s executive board on May 3rd. Their removal followed an investigation into alleged fraud and embezzlement by Tran and Nguyen between November 2012 and November 2014. This investigation began when a financial review revealed irregular purchases made by Tran with a debit card linked to the Tet Festival bank account

Read the rest »

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Former Coach at Valencia High School Pleads Not Guilty to Embezzlement Charges

By Michael Guisti on January 23, 2015

Valencia, CA — As a society we take a dim view of white collar crime. Not just because of the theft, but because of the breach of trust involved. Embezzlement, fraud, forgery, and identity theft all require the perpetrator to lie or misrepresent themselves somehow. We want to believe that our employees, elected officials, and anyone we do business with is acting in good faith, and high profile stories about white collar crimes cases undermine that belief by reminding us that a number of people engage in duplicitous and deceitful practices for the sake of personal gain.

On Wednesday, Jared Snyder, 44, pleaded not guilty to seven felony charges, four counts of grand theft and one each of embezzlement by a public officer, embezzlement by a private officer, and misappropriation of public funds. Prosecutors allege that Snyder, who previously worked as a baseball coach at Valencia High School, stole thousands of dollars from the Associated Student Body and the team’s booster club in order to pay off private expenses between 2008 and 2013.

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US Navy Commander Pleads Guilty to Bribery in San Diego Federal Court

By Michael Guisti on January 8, 2015

San Diego, CA — Generally speaking, white collar crimes like fraud and bribery are punished with shorter prison terms than violent crimes like murder, rape, or assault with a deadly weapon. However, white collar crimes can draw lengthy sentences when the defendant is convicted on multiple charges or when particularly large sums of money are involved.

Cmdr Jose Luis Sanchez, 42, an active-duty officer in the US Navy, is the fifth person to plead guilty in a bribery case at federal court in San Diego. According to prosecutors, in exchange for cash, travel accommodations, and prostitutes, Sanchez and other officers helped direct business to Glenn Defense Marine Asia, a company that services ships and submarines in Asia and the Pacific. Leonard Glenn Francis, the company’s CEO has pleaded not guilty in the case.

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Two Orange County Attorneys and a German Woman Charged with White Collar Crime against Saudi Sheik’s Son in Los Angeles

By Michael Guisti on July 17, 2014

Los Angeles, CA – White collar crime is generally treated as less threatening than physically violent crimes, but white collar criminals often prey on their victims' deep seated fears in order to make a financial gain. Like blackmailers who threaten to uncover a victim's shameful secrets or phone or internet scammers fishing for their mark's personal information with the imagined threats of health scares or computer viruses. This week saw charges filed in a high profile extortion case in Los Angeles.

Leyla Ors, Joe Cavallo, and Emanuel Karl Hudson were charged with conspiracy after allegedly attempting to extort as much as $20 million dollars from a Saudi sheik in exchange for dropping rape charges against his son, Thamer Albalwi, 23. Ors, a German national in her early 30s, was working for Albalwi as a personal assistant when she accused him of rape in March. She claimed that Albalwi had held her captive in a condominium in Los Angeles and had raped her, beat her, and burned her with a cigarette. Albalwi was arrested and released on $3 million dollars bail.

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Jurors Find 6 L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputies Guilty of White Collar Crime

By Michael Guisti on July 1, 2014

Los Angeles, CA – One of the great concerns of our time is how best to constrain police power. While we want law enforcement to have all the tools they need to effectively fight crime, we struggle with how best to ensure that they do not overstep their boundaries and invade people’s privacy or misuse their power for their own gain. Issues of police corruption and oversight played an important part in the trial of six current and former officers with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

On Tuesday, jurors issued a guilty verdict against Lts. Stephen Leavins, 52, and Gregory Thompson, 54; Sgts. Scott Craig, 50, and Maricela Long, 46; and Deputies Gerard Smith, 42, and Mickey Manzo, 34. The six defendants were charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice after allegedly attempting to keep an FBI informant inside LA County’s jail system away from agents conducting an investigation into allegations of inmate abuse. Two of the defendants were also accused of attempting to intimidate the lead agent on the case into dropping the investigation.

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