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2016 Scholarship

Law Office of Michael L. Guisti 2016 Scholarship

Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarship Winner!

Law Office of Michael L. Guisti would like to congratulate Victor A., our 2016 Scholarship winner. We made the decision to offer a scholarship because the young students of today - like Victor - will shape the society of tomorrow, and gaining post-secondary education is a powerful tool for making positive changes.

Law Office of Michael L. Guisti would like to thank all who applied. Please check our blog and Facebook page for announcements and other scholarship opportunities.

Winning Entry

"I want to know that, every day, I can make a difference in someone’s life, and hopefully inspire them to make a difference of their own."

- Victor A, 2016 Scholarship Winner


When my scholarship search engine introduced me to this scholarship, I wanted to leap for joy. Another generous organization had decided to reward excellence! For the past few months, I have been pursuing many scholarships so that I can attend my college, Yale, without financial burden. Yale is a very prestigious, but also very expensive, institution. That is why these scholarships are so precious.

Scholarships like this enable people like me to achieve their dreams. Going to Yale would give me more than just an education; it would give me an experience. For example, at Yale, I could continue the volunteer work I have done in my school’s National Honor Society and Beta Club. These activities include making lunches for the homeless and cleaning up the school campus. I could also continue the health education work I have started in my school’s HOSA organization. Such work includes teaching high schoolers and elementary schoolers about how to take the best care of themselves. With this scholarship money, I can focus more on continuing my work and less on finances. I therefore ask for you to help liberate me from financial bondage and allow me to freely excel in my work.

Short Essay

I cannot watch others suffer. Whether someone has been burned, is failing their calculus class, or has just had their heart broken, the sufferings of others have always caused me to leap into action. My problem, however, is not with reaching out to help others; it is with knowing what to do when I get to them. I am fluent in calculus, but how can I optimize my teaching? I can discover a broken heart, but how can I mend it? I can comfort someone when they are burned, but how can I ensure that they will actually heal properly?

"I want my mark on the world to be one of intense caring for others."
- Victor A.

This is part of why I seek knowledge so avidly. In the future, I hope to aid the world as a cardiac surgeon. However, to achieve this goal, I will first need to undergo rigorous schooling and training, specifically in my undergraduate and medical school studies. But, I am overjoyed to face these trials because this career is my calling. I am tired of watching others struggle and feeling unable to help them. As a cardiac surgeon, I will not have to stop at just observing and diagnosing problems; I will be able to fix them personally. After watching the pain of suffering, I want to see the joy of relief. I want to know that, every day, I can make a difference in someone’s life, and hopefully inspire them to make a difference of their own. To achieve this noble goal, I will have to undergo an arduous journey for knowledge, and this journey will start with college.

In the fall, I will be attending Yale University as a molecular biophysics and biochemistry major; there is not a doubt in my mind that this will be the most stressful, painful, tear-inducing part of my life that I have ever faced. But I will endure the stress, because it will one day let me lessen the stress of worried families. I will face the pain, knowing that I can one day relieve the pain of the world. And, I will shed my tears with pride, knowing that they will be used to water the plants of hope in the lives of others. Yale University is one of the most prestigious schools in the country; it has limitless opportunities and is made to craft the world-class scholars of tomorrow. That is why I am so excited about attending. At Yale, my mind will be tested to its limits, as I learn what it means to be a physician in terms of not only subjects like anatomy and physiology, but also sociology, psychology, and other subjects necessary for truly understanding others. At Yale, my moral character will be nurtured as I go on school-sponsored trips to help the many impoverished members of the surrounding city. At Yale, I will be able to look inside myself more than ever before, and I will be able to constantly remind myself of why I want to become a cardiac surgeon.

Yale will also give me the opportunity to study and do service abroad. As a child of Nigerian immigrants, I understand that the world is larger than just the United States of America. People all over the world need help, and college will be a vehicle that allows me to travel to and help them. Having experience with helping others worldwide will make it easier for me to travel worldwide as a full-fledged cardiac surgeon. I want my mark on the world to be one of intense caring for others. Furthermore, I want to inspire others to exhibit similar care for those around them. A single man helping others can do little on his own; but, a single man’s actions can create an army of aid that can have a monumental benefit on the world. During my college studies, I can start to become such a man.

"People all over the world need help, and college will be a vehicle that allows me to travel to and help them."
- Victor A.

Furthermore, I will have access to Yale’s many premedical resources. Using the easy access to Yale’s medical school and nearby hospitals, I will be able to watch healthcare professionals in action as they joyously fight to save lives. Watching them will allow me to see what it truly means to be a healthcare professional, and I’m sure that seeing this will only strengthen my desire to someday join them in their efforts. Using Yale’s many mentoring programs, I can also learn from medical school students and physicians about the steps needed to join the field, demystifying a career path that can easily bewilder many. Going to college at Yale will give me the resources I need to enter medical school with renewed passion for becoming a surgeon, getting me another step closer to diminishing the sufferings of others.

With Yale’s help, I am confident that I can enter a prestigious medical school and, afterwards, go into prestigious residency and internship programs. I understand that these tasks will often feel daunting, and that, despite the joys that Yale will bring, life will often feel difficult. But I feel that, armed with a thirst for knowledge and an undying perseverance, I can push through my obstacles and prosper anyway.

I hope to someday develop into a world-class, world-saving medical professional who can both comprehend and end the sufferings of others. As a cardiac surgeon, I will be able to improve the health of those around me and allow them to live their lives to the fullest. College is an integral first step of my quest. I plan to utilize college’s resources optimally in order to achieve my goals in the most effective way possible. With the help of a college education, I know that I can achieve my dream of becoming a cardiac surgeon and aiding the world in new ways. My only hope is that, when my career ends, I will have saved lives, made a difference, and, hopefully, inspired another young person like me to do the same.

- Victor A.

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