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Misdemeanor Hit and Run Explained by Michael Guisti

By Michael Guisti on February 4, 2020

California Vehicle Code Section 20002 tells you what to do if you have an accident. If you don’t follow the instructions clearly, then you have committed a hit and run. In the 20 years that I have been practicing there are certain cases that come to me in a steady flow. Hit and run cases come to us on a regular basis, and I have personally worked on hit and run cases where clients didn’t fully understand what constitutes a hit and run, like the War Story at the end of this article.

Read the rest »

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Michael Guisti Defending Nurse Charged with Murder in OC

By Michael Guisti on October 31, 2019

Michael L. Guisti has accepted yet another case that is making headlines across two states. His client, Kristie Jane Koepplin of Peoria, Arizona, is a registered nurse who is being blamed for the death of a San Clemente man. Read the rest »

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How Can You Protect Yourself from Fraud? When Should You Retain a Lawyer?

By Michael Guisti on June 10, 2019

adult-blur-camera-598917The headlines surrounding actor Jussie Smollett shed light on the difficulties surrounding an accusation of fraud. Smollett’s case triggered a firestorm of reactions from celebrities and the public, initially due to outrage over the assault, quickly followed by shock and more outrage when accusations that the assault had been orchestrated by Smollett himself surfaced. What actually occurred remains uncertain, but the actor has already experienced life-changing consequences, and his reputation may be permanently destroyed. Read the rest »

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Should Taser Laws Change? Chula Vista Death Launches Investigation

By Michael Guisti on March 25, 2019

accident-barrier-caution-923681The Chula Vista Police Department is investigating the recent death of 29-year-old Jason Watts. Back in October 2018, Watts died after being subjected to a Taser in a confrontation outside of a 7-11, NBC San Diego reports. Unfortunately, this is just one of several cases being investigated in California.

Police departments present the weapon as a non-lethal alternative to guns and other firearms for subduing potential criminals. But, with 49 related deaths being reported in just the last year alone, is it as “safe” as they claim? Read the rest »

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New Jersey Breathalyzer Gaff Prompts Question: Can Tests Be Inaccurate?

By Michael Guisti on February 19, 2019

test-337369_1920We’ve all seen one in action, whether in a dramatized commercial discouraging drunk driving or in real life. Breathalyzer tests are widely used by police officers to detect alcohol in an individual’s breath. The concept is simple: you put the device into your mouth and blow, and a number displays that either lets you go on your merry way or puts you in the backseat of a cop car. Read the rest »

Posted in: DUI

Well-Known Forensics Science Lab Possibly Mixes DNA Samples

By Michael Guisti on January 22, 2019

pharmaceutical glass bottles production lineYikes. Last October, Forensic Magazine reported the latest development in a string of DNA contamination cases by Utah-based forensics lab, Sorenson Forensic. Labs like Sorenson help police forces compare DNA obtained in a crime scene (or evidence kit) against a state database of DNA samples from convicted offenders and arrestees (depending on the state you reside in). This is called the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). A “hit” in CODIS could result in the linking of perpetrators and multiple crimes. Read the rest »

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Former Garden Grove Woman Avoids Seven-Year Sentence

By Michael Guisti on April 9, 2018

crime-handcuffs_412951If you’ve made a mistake and committed a crime, all is not lost. Humans make mistakes, and our California legal system has provisions that give a person a second chance. There may still be consequences, but they will probably be less severe if you have an experienced legal advocate on your side.

Take the case of a woman who formerly served as president of Garden Grove Little League. Read the rest »

Posted in: Theft Crimes

New Claims in Orange County Jail Death Case

By Michael Guisti on March 4, 2018

pexels-photo-340585The Orange County jail system continues to disappoint Southern California, many months after the death of Danny Pham.

Pham, an inmate, was killed in an OC jail cell in July of 2017. Attorney Michael Guisti filed a wrongful death claim on behalf of Pham’s family against Orange County in January 2018, which alleges that the OC Sherriff’s Department placed Pham in a cell with an admitted double-murderer, who then strangled him. In addition, the jail staff did not follow protocol in housing locations and mandatory cell checks, only discovering the murder three hours later. Read the rest »

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When “Swatting” Goes Wrong

By Michael Guisti on February 26, 2018

police-275875_1920Just a few years ago, the Internet was filled with kids shoving spoonfuls of cinnamon into their mouths. Now, some have switched cinnamon out for Tide pods. Many outlandish trends are emerging in this digital age, and a truly dangerous one has erupted—swatting.

So, what is swatting? Read the rest »

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Mom Tried to Stop Bullying, Now Facing Felony

By Michael Guisti on February 18, 2018

woman-1006102_1920 (1)What would you do to protect your child?

That question, no doubt, crossed the mind of Virginia parent Sarah Sims. Her daughter was being bullied by other children at school. Sims contacted the school, located in Norfolk, but never got a response. Read the rest »

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