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Orange County White Collar Crimes – Embezzlement

By Michael Guisti on March 8, 2016

Orange County is no stranger to white-collar crime. Whether we’re taking about mail fraud, bribery, or computer crimes, the O.C. experiences more than its fair share of financial malfeasance. But, if you’ve been accused of committing a white-collar crime, the Law Office of Michael L. Guisti can help. We’re a dedicated criminal defense firm that will use every resource and every angle to defend your interests. In this post, we’re going to explore embezzlement – what it is, where we see it most often, and what it can mean for your future.

Under California Penal Code Section 503 PC, embezzlement is defined as “the fraudulent appropriation of property by a person to whom it has been intrusted.” More often than not, embezzlement is seen between employee and employers, public officials, and other areas in which a trusted individual has access to funds.

Since the start of 2016, Orange County has seen many high profile examples of embezzlement in the news. First, Rep. Dana Rohrabacker’s former campaign treasurer was arrested for embezzling roughly $300,000 from various bank accounts connected to the campaign. In Long Beach, a youth soccer league treasurer is suspected of siphoning off close to $175,000 in funds.

Why law-abiding folks like these choose to steal large sums of money is anyone’s guess. But, if convicted, people accused of embezzlement certainly have time to consider their actions. In both of the previously mentioned instances, the accused stole more than $950. This means they could face grand theft embezzlement, a potential felony that can sentence them to many years behind bars. In addition, embezzlement is usually paired with a variety of other charges like forgery, computer fraud, and other white-collar offenses. These extra charges can dramatically increase the overall penalty. In embezzlement cases you should remember to not speak to law enforcement, but remember not to make any statement to your employer. Out of court statements can also be used against you at trial.

If you are facing embezzlement charges, or have a loved one in similar trouble, contact the Law Office of Michael L. Guisti. You have rights, and Attorney Michael L. Guisti can help you exercise them to the fullest extent. Contact our office today at (888) 478-8999.

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