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Appellate Court Drops Some Pimping Charges Against Former Moreno Valley School Board Member

By Michael Guisti on January 28, 2015

Moreno Valley, CA — People often think that the appeals process is meant to allow those who have been convicted of a crime to prove their innocence. However, the truth is that most convictions are won on procedural grounds and sometimes only win a defendant a right to a second trial. While having a conviction overturned because of improper prosecutorial conduct or illegal evidence might seem a bit nitpicky, it is important to remember that one of our core principles is the right of everyone to due process under the law. If that due process is violated then a judge has no choice but to overturn a conviction or undo a lower court ruling.

On Monday, California’s 4th District Court of Appeal dismissed 9 of the 12 pimping charges that Mike Rios, 44, had been convicted of in 2013. However, Rios’ appellate attorney John Schuck plans to appeal the ruling on the grounds that his client’s prison sentence of 14 years 4 months was not reduced because his sentences are being served concurrently.

Rios was convicted on 12 counts of pimping, 5 counts of pandering, and one count of insurance fraud. Officers uncovered a prostitution ring that Rios was operating out of his house while investigating an unrelated incident in which Rios allegedly fired a gun at men who had followed him home from a bar. Prosecutors say that Rios pimped three women in 2011 and 2012 and unsuccessfully tried to employ two additional women as prostitutes.

The appeals court overturned 9 out of the 12 pimping convictions on the grounds that “pimping is a continuous offense” so Rios can only be charged once for each woman he was pimping out. The court declined to dismiss two of the pandering charges because attempting to recruit a woman as a prostitute is pandering whether or not the attempt is successful. Schuck intends to appeal to the Supreme Court to have the additional pandering charges dropped and for his clients’ sentence to be reduced. Rios was removed from the school board following his conviction.

The appeals process is an important part of our justice system because it helps ensure that judges, prosecutors and law enforcement are held accountable. If a defendant is convicted on the basis of illegally obtained evidence or if a jury is presented with prejudicial information unrelated to the case, that can be enough to invalidate a verdict and require a new trial.

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