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New Law Could Overturn Decades-Old San Bernardino Murder Conviction

By Michael Guisti on February 17, 2015

San Bernardino, CA — Jurors carry a heavy burden in our criminal justice system. They must weigh all the evidence and testimony presented at trial and determine whether or not they believe the defendant to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, even when a jury's decision meets the ideal of perfect objectivity, the verdict is only considered as valid as the evidence and testimony on which it is based. If an eyewitness recants their testimony or evidence is shown to have been faked or otherwise tampered with after the fact, that can serve as grounds to appeal a jury verdict and overturn a conviction.

In 1993, Pamela Richards was found strangled with her skull crushed in San Bernardino County. In 1997, her husband, William Richards, now 65, was convicted of murder. Richards' attorney Jan Stiglitz has been working hard to have his conviction overturned because it was based partly on the testimony of forensic dentist Norman Sperber, who has since recanted his testimony that a wound found on Pamela Richards' body could only have been inflicted by William Richards' teeth.

Since then Richards' appeal was heard in San Bernardino County court where his conviction was overturned. However, a state appellate court reinstated the conviction and the matter was ultimately decided by the State Supreme Court in a 4-3 decision determining that because the recanted evidence did not definitively rule out Richards' as the murderer it was not grounds to over turn his conviction.

However, this case did inspire a new state law which requires recanted expert testimony to be treated as false evidence which is generally considered to be an excellent grounds for overturning a conviction, and eliminates the distinction between expert and eyewitness testimony. Stiglitz hopes that the law, which was signed into law in September and is now in effect, will lead the State Supreme Court to reconsider the matter of her client's conviction.

Because direct, personal knowledge of a crime would preclude someone from jury service (and possibly require them to testify as a witness themselves), jurors must rely on the accuracy of witness testimony and evidence. While it is the job of a prosecutor to convince jurors of a defendant's guilt, a criminal defense attorney's role is to cast doubt on that evidence. That's all it really comes down to, if a juror has reasonable doubt of a defendant's guilt, they are obligated to find them not guilty.

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