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If you've been convicted of a certain sex-crime by law and court order you must register as a sex offender that allows your name to appear on Megan's List, but they're ways of getting it removed so you and protect your reputation, which is why you should call the Orange County sex crime attorney experts at the Orange County Law Offices of Michael L. Guisti and we'll work through the process of removing your name and photograph from Megan's List.

Our Orange County criminal attorney needs you to understand, being removed from Megan's List doesn't automatically remove you from having to register as a sex offender under California law Penal Code 290. That is a separate removal.

California's Megan's Law was designed to notify the public on what neighborhoods convicted sex offenders live in and the nature of their crime. The law was named after seven-year-old Megan Kanka, who was raped and killed by a convicted child molester who moved across the street from Kanka's family without the family's knowledge.

Being On Megan's List

As our Irvine sex crimes attorney explains, they're three categories when you're on Megan's List, undisclosed, zip code, and home address.

What category a sex offender is on basically depends on the severity of the crime.

Your Full Address

Having your entire home address posted on Megan's List includes those convicted of violent sexual crimes, like kidnapping, rape, and even lewd acts with a minor.

Zip Code

Generally those on Megan's list by zip code are those who have been convicted of felony sexual battery with a minor and even some misdemeanor sex crimes involving a minor.


Your name may appear on Megan's List, but the convicted crime will not be disclosed.

Removing Your Name from Megan's List

Our Orange County criminal attorney explains you may be entitled to have your information removed from Megan's List if you were convicted of Penal Code (PC) 647.6 misdemeanor child molestation, or PC 243.4(a) sexual battery by restraint, or any offense which didn't involve penetration or oral copulation and the victim of which was your child, stepchild, grandchild, or sibling.

Also, if you have successfully completed probation you may be entitled to have your information removed.

If you meet the above criteria the Department of Justice should approve you application to be excluded, however it's always best to meet with an Orange County sex crimes defense attorney who can not only explain the information to you, but help prepare your application.

Will My Name Always Be Excluded?

As long as you're not convicted of any other sex-crime offense your name will remain off Megan's List.

What If I'm Convicted of a Crime that Isn't a Sex Crime?

Should you be convicted of a crime that isn't a sex-crime offense your name will still remain off Megan's List. Understand that Megan's List is designed only to inform the public about convicted sex offenders.

Do I Have to Still Stay Registered as a Sex Offender?

Yes, if you and your Orange County sex crimes defense lawyer are successful in removing your name from Megan's List you still must remain a registered sex offender, per PC 290, however, as we mentioned, we can help you remove your name from the California registered sex offender list.

Get You Name Removed Now!

You have the opportunity to potentially remove your past actions from public view, and by calling the Orange County sex crimes defense lawyer experts at the Law Offices of Michael L. Guisti right away at 888-478-8999 our legal experts can work with you to prepare your exclusion documents for the Department of Justice.

We will give you all best possible solutions and will do everything possible to make this complicated time much easier for you.