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Orange County Attorney Fights Child Molestation Charges

Defense for Child Molestation

Our firm understands that charges of child molestation can be devastating and embarrassing. Our defense attorneys are here to help you through this process. If you've been arrested for child molestation charges in Orange County, experienced legal representation may give your case the chance at the best possible outcome. When these charges can put your reputation at stake, it's important for you to consider discussing your case with The Law Offices of Michael L. Guisti.

What Charges Could You Be Facing?

For more than a decade, our firm's OC sex crime defense attorneys have successfully helped numerous clients achieve positive results. Depending on the situation, a charge of child molestation can also come alongside other charges, including kidnapping, abuse, or child endangerment. More often than not, a child molestation case has more than one criminal charge involved. Because of the delicacy of these cases and the difficulty it can impose on those involved, it is important for you to explore all of your options in your case and make informed decisions moving forward.

The California Penal Code Covers Other Potential Charges, Including:

  • Rape of minor
  • Sodomy of a child
  • Continuous sexual abuse
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Child pornography

Orange County Sex Offender Registration & Removal

If convicted of child molestation, child abuse, or other related charges, you may have to register as a sex offender, which can create difficulty and embarrassment. However, it is possible for someone to remove sex offender registration after a previous conviction. Eligibility for sex offender registration removal is important to know when moving forward in a case involving child molestation. A knowledgeable and experienced defense attorney can inform you on your options and the laws of eligibility.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation for Your Case

Because a child molestation case can have serious ramifications to you and your family, you should trust a firm with years of experience in legal representation. For more than 15 years, The Law Offices of Michael L. Guisti has fought tirelessly for positive results on behalf of our clients and had great success in our cases.

You could face several years of prison and negative effects to your family and career. Make sure your case is handled by an experienced, dedicated defense attorney! Our firm's effective criminal defense experience may offer the help you need in your case.

Ensure your rights are protected by contacting our firm today to get the representation you deserve.