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Florida Cops Mistook Doughnut for Meth

By Michael Guisti on January 12, 2018

glazed-donut-992767_1920You read that right. It sounds like a scene from a comedy with Seth Rogen and James Franco, but it was very real for 64-year-old Daniel Rushing of Orlando, Florida.

And the icing on the cake (doughnut)? This isn’t the only time cops have mistaken a harmless substance for drugs! A similar situation happened again to another Floridian, Karlos Cashe, earlier in 2017. Read the rest »

Posted in: Drug Crimes

In 2018, You’re Free to Smoke Marijuana…Sort Of

By Michael Guisti on January 2, 2018

weed-837125_1280Marijuana is now legal for recreational use as of January 1, 2018. Before you go on a free-for-all, keep these rules in mind. Read the rest »

Posted in: Drug Crimes

Jail Confession Scandal: Corruption in Orange County

By Michael Guisti on November 30, 2017

pexels-photo-690800You don’t have to watch TV shows to hear about grand political scandals. Orange County jail troubles seem to be popping out of everywhere lately. In the latest addition to the never-ending saga, public defender Scott Sanders recently sat down with OC Weekly to discuss one of the biggest criminal justice scandals in OC history. Read the rest »

Posted in: In the News

Is Social Media Making Crimes Worse?

By Michael Guisti on October 30, 2017

social-1989152_1920Social media has become an integral part of many people’s lives today, for better or worse. While some people love how it connects them to their communities (or to the Kardashians and other celebrity favorites), others see it as one of society’s biggest disappointments. It’s a polarizing topic for sure, especially when you think about the implications it has on our culture. Read the rest »

Posted in: Criminal Defense

The Difference Between Drugged and Drunk Driving

By Michael Guisti on October 23, 2017

pocket-2324214_1920Driving while drugged or drunk is extremely dangerous. But which is worse? That answer seems to change each year. In fact, a recent Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) report asserts that drugged driving surpassed drunk driving in driver deaths. Still, researchers say that more research is needed in this field.

In the legal world, drugged and drunk driving both fall under “driving under the influence.” Although they are related, they are not the same. Knowing the differences can be useful in fighting DUI charges, so let’s explore them. Read the rest »

Posted in: DUI

Guisti Website Ranked in Top 50

By Michael Guisti on September 25, 2017

Guisti websiteIt’s been a high-profile year for the Law Office of Michael S. Guisti. Read the rest »

Posted in: Firm News

Orange County Jailers Injuring Inmates

By Michael Guisti on September 20, 2017

mma-2282013_1920The OC Register recently chronicled the role that excessive force plays in Orange County and Southern California jails. The issue mostly relates to how jailers hold the inmates.

The technique is called “chicken winging.” It’s slang that refers to a hold in which the prisoner’s arms are held behind his back and pushed up towards the shoulders. This method can cause severe pain, sprain ligaments, and even break bones. Read the rest »

Posted in: In the News

OC Church Vandals: Were Drugs or Mental Illness Involved?

By Michael Guisti on September 10, 2017

graffiti-2724511_1920Toward the end of August, two brothers barricaded themselves inside Harvest Orange County, the famed home church of Pastor Greg Laurie. The East Bay Times reports that the men entered the church at night and began to vandalize the grounds. They smashed a glass door and caused minor damage to other rooms. The men also brought a replica rifle, but their reasoning is unclear. Read the rest »

Posted in: Drug Crimes

OC Teacher Charged with Lewd Acts with Children

By Michael Guisti on August 30, 2017

flute-2245041_1920On July 20, a music teacher in Orange County was charged with committing lewd acts on two young female students. Randal Letcher Scott, owner of Music Town—a music education business with locations in Cypress and Irvine—allegedly victimized two young girls in a sexual manner. Read the rest »

Posted in: Sex Crimes

US Marine Arrested on Suspicion of Sexual Assault in the OC

By Michael Guisti on August 8, 2017

handcuffs-2102488_1280The OC Register recently reported that a US Marine Corps sergeant was arrested after a sexual assault allegation. The assault was said to have occurred during his stint as a volunteer for Marina High School’s track and field team.

A young woman (who was 17 years old at the time) alleges that Gonzalo Castro, a San Clemente resident, took advantage of their “coach–athlete relationship” and assaulted her on an off-campus run. Castro was on active duty at the time and also worked as a Marine recruiter at Ocean View High school. Read the rest »

Posted in: Sex Crimes

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