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The Orange County law firm was founded in 1999 by Attorney Michael L. Guisti, a distinguished and award winning criminal defense Lawyer, who has handled vast array of criminal and DUI defense, from misdemeanor to felony cases and from state to federal cases, for over 15 years practicing law. The law firm has handled many high-profile criminal cases that garnered major media attention. Attorney Michael L. Guisti and his team of highly qualified defense lawyers know the best strategies and solutions for fighting criminal charges and we are confident that they can help you get the best outcome in court.

How Our Orange County Defense Firm Can Help You

At the Law Offices of Michael L. Guisti, we know how disruptive it is when you or a loved one has been charged with a crime. That’s why we’ve made our clients’ peace of mind one of our top priorities that we’ve practiced criminal law in Southern California court rooms. The lawyers at our firm understand how trying this time is and will do everything in their power to help you navigate the process of defending a case in court.

Everything about our firm is geared towards meeting the needs of our clients. Our offices service Irvine, Garden Grove, Fullerton, Newport Beach, Tustin, Santa Ana, and the surrounding communities and are conveniently located near its state and federal court districts.

Crimes are sometimes charged because of cultural differences. We understand that and offer our clients help in Chinese, Korean, and other languages. We specialize in criminal defense and will give your case the kind of personal attention that it needs, all while maintaining the highest standards of personal and professional ethics. Our award-winning attorneys are passionate about giving you an aggressive defense.

When You’ve been Accused of a Crime

Let’s face it: it’s scary. It’s something that you never want to happen to you. Most people are law-abiding, so they don’t really know what to do when they find out that they’re facing a criminal charge. The fear and the strangeness the whole process can be overwhelming. Suddenly your schedule is taken over by hearings and court orders.

We know you have all kinds of questions, about your criminal charges and the solutions available.

If you’re up against criminal charges you need to take them seriously — the prosecution will.

The only right decision is to hire legal representation immediately.

At the Law Offices of Michael L. Guisti, one of our lawyers can answer any questions you might have about your case and take control of your problems.

We take over so your can take your mind off your legal problems and focus on your life. We understand how difficult this experience is, and we’ll do whatever it takes to set your mind at ease and help you through this difficult process.

Criminal Lawyers Fighting DUI, Drug Crimes, Theft & White Collar Crimes

When you go to court you don’t just want a lawyer, you want a lawyer who knows how to fight the charges you’re facing. At the Law Offices of Michael L. Guisti, our lawyers have successfully defended cases in every area of criminal law. We have experts who will defend you against charges of DUI, drug crimes, white collar crimes, domestic violence, theft, sex crimes, homicide, shoplifting, violent crimes and other type of criminal charges.

Every case is different and our attorneys will want to know your side the story so that they can advise you about the best course of action. We want our clients to feel empowered to make informed decisions about their defense, and we can give you the benefit of our knowledge and experience in your time of need.

There’s More at Stake

A criminal conviction can be devastating to your life. Conviction can result in loss of employment and job opportunities, denial or revocation of state licenses, loss of gun rights, loss of your children, deportation and the list goes on. So don’t wait, if you’ve been arrested, you need to hire an attorney. You’ll need as much time as you can get to prepare your defense and having an attorney on your side makes the whole process easier. We can help you tackle the legal issues so that you can get your life back.

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Case Results

  • Charge : Young man charged and arrested for sexual battery.
    Result : Case dropped.
  • Charge :Young man charged with selling 1000 tabs of ecstasy to undercover officer. Served less than 30 days in jail. R.W.
  • Charge : Man charged with assault with a deadly weapon for hitting someone in the face with a heavy metal dust pan.
    Result : Case dropped and other party convicted of misdemeanor against my client in a separate incident. M.P.
  • Charge : Young woman charged with murder in a gang case.
    Result : Charges reduced and she serves 6 months in county jail. V. B.
  • Charge : Juvenile charged with murder in gang case.
    Result : Charges reduced to Assault with deadly weapon and released with credit for one year served in juvenile hall. N. L.
  • Charge : Young man charged with murder in gang case.
    Result : Case dismissed by D.A. J. M.
  • Charge : Young man knocks the eye out his victim with a metal pipe. Charged with attempted murder and aggravated mayhem. Both cases carried life sentences.
    Result : Charges reduced to Assault with a deadly weapon. T.D.

Orange County Criminal Lawyer Blog


  • On my way home I was arrested by the CHP for DUI. I called Orange County DUI lawyer Michael L. Guisti and he took the time to get to know me. When I met with attorney Guisti he calmed me down and explained the process and what I can expect. Michael made sure that I went back on with my life. I cannot thank him enough. Attorney Guisti and his people are aggressive with your case, but treat you with respect and dignity. If you’re in trouble you must call Attorney Guisti.
    S.A. Orange
  • The attorneys at Michael L. Guisti’s Law Offices were able to get my assault charged thrown out of court. Guisti’s attorneys knew there wasn’t enough evidence to prove this crime. Thank you so much Michael L. Guisti’s Law Office for giving me justice.
    D.I. Newport Beach
  • I was arrested for domestic violence and given an order to stay away from my house and children. A bunch of family members told me to contact Irvine domestic violence lawyer Michael L. Guisti, and I did and he went to Harbor Court for me a showed that there was never any physical violence reunited me with my family. Mr. Guisti also got me and my family into a special family counseling program that helped keep our family together. Michael was so nice and I thank God I found him.
    T.K. Irvine
  • I looked around online and began to freak out when I read not knowing the person was under 18 is no excuse. A friend at work strongly recommended attorney Michael L. Guisti and we talked for awhile and he calmed me down. Best of all, I was found not guilty thanks to Michael. No matter how serious the charge Michael L. Guisti will find a way to make it better, and that is why I recommend everybody to call Michael.
    L.B. Yorba Linda
  • I wanted to write and thank my attorney Michael L. Guisti for just being very nice and very understanding with my arrest. Mr. Guisti treated me very nice and I didn't have to feel embarrassed. Mr. Guisti got my charges reduced, and I had to do community service and I was able to stay out of jail and keep my job, all because of Mr. Guisti. I thank him.
    K.C. Santa Ana
  • I was awoken one morning with cops outside my door to arrest me for elder abuse. My father got me in touch with Orange County elder abuse attorney Michael L. Guisti, who said it was just her word against mine and there was no evidence. Before I knew it Mr. Guisti called me and said the case had been dismissed. Mr. Guisti is awesome!
    R.J. Buena Park
  • In the mail I get a letter from DMV saying the value of my car is wrong and they’re demanding fines and threatening to take away my license. A friend strongly recommended I go see attorney Michael L. Guisti, and he got the DMV off my back in no time. Thank you so much for your help Mr. Guisti.
    I.P. Irvine
  • Never thought I would be facing such serious charges, but after getting into trouble I did. Me and my family got everything together and hired Michael L. Guisti, and it was the best thing we ever did. Hiring Michael Guisti was the only way I could stay out of prison, and it is so great there is somebody like Michael Guisti I could rely on.
    D.O. Santa Ana